New History


The Beginning

In the 2015-2016 education year, combined Robotics elective courses were offered to the Hisar High School students. Robotics-I elective class was offered to sophomores and Robotics-II elective was offered to juniors. The interest and eagerness of students and with a supportive mentor - our course instructor Mr.Öztekin -the class decided to create a robotics team that would compete in competitions and enjoy the value of team-work. Therefore, the team HisaRobotics was created in 2015 with 15 students and 1 mentor.

Team's FIRST Competition

The history of HisaRobotics is an impressive story that still creates goosebumps to the teammates and mentors who talk about it. The adventure started with the team joining the FIRST Robotics Competition Off-Season event organised by the Fikret Yüksel Foundation in Istanbul, Turkey on November 9-11, 2015. The team participated in the event, had competition experience and had the chance to observe the environment.

YTU ROK Competition

In order to gain experience and learn how to build successful robots, the team joined the YTU ROK Competition organised by the Yıldız Technical University in April 2016. The competition consisted of high school and universities who were interested in creating robots that were competing against each other. As opposed to the FRC event, there were not any teams formed and competed against every robot on its own individually. In YTU ROK Competition on 02-03 April 2016. HisaRobotics earned the chance to compete until the quarter-finals. This was a huge step for HisaRobotics after the FRC event. With the realisation of the team’s capacity, HisaRobotics was eager to expand the team and set higher goals for the team.

The Hisar Ravens

In 2016-2017 was a successful year for HisaRobotics. The team expanded its members to 30 students and 2 mentors. The team decided to form a corporate-like team where it would consist of several departments following Public Relations, Mechanics, Electronics and Programming. Each department contained students who were interested, successful and eager to improve themselves. The main team captain was appointed who was responsible for the team's general functioning. At the beginning of the semester, the team set goals and after long hours of meetings and research, HisaRobotics was transferred to Hisar Ravens.

Ready! Set! Go!

Hisar Ravens first organised a “Ready! Set! Go! FRC Quickstart '' event on October 2nd 2016, in order to help the other rookie teams get over the problems that Hisar Ravens have faced as HisaRobotics at the Off-Season event. The event consisted of 3 workshops about mechanics, electronics, and programming. The team shared their experiences and knowledge about the fields. Fourteen teams attended the workshop.

Expanded our Business Team

The PR team attended many business meetings with Eczacıbaşı Holding and Koç Holding and several other companies for sponsorship. Hisar Ravens attended the “FIRST FRC Robot Workshop” event which was org780anized by 4 schools at Perpa Trade Center on December 16, 2016. Hisar Ravens gave a presentation about “Being a sponsor to FRC teams”. The team also gave an interview to Perpa TV about the workshop and FRC.

Spreading STEM Education

Until the Regional Event, Hisar Ravens organised a FIRST Lego League Workshop for the underprivileged kids in February 2017. At the workshop, Hisar Ravens taught them how to build their mini robot from lego, how to program their robot, how to control their robot. It was an important step to achieve the mission that Hisar Ravens had adopted as a team; spreading the STEM Education philosophy in our home country and making it a part of our everyday life.

First Rookie All-Star"

On March 04-12, 2017, Hisar Ravens joined the Miami Valley Regional Event in Ohio. At the Regional Event, the team won the ‘’Highest Rookie Seed‘’ and ‘’Rookie All-Star’’ awards. ‘’Highest Rookie Seed’’ award was given to the highest-seeded rookie team at the conclusion of the qualification rounds. ‘’Rookie All-Star’’ award was given to the rookie team exemplifying a young but strong partnership effort, as well as implementing the mission of FIRST to inspire students to learn more about science and technology.

FRC World Championship

With the Rookie All-Star award, Hisar Ravens earned the chance to attend the FIRST Robotics Competition Championship on April 16-23, 2017, organised in Houston, Texas. The Championship event was formed in six divisions. Each division had its qualification matches. At the Championship Hisar Ravens earned the honour to be the first Turkish team who had won the Rookie All-Star event in the World Championship Event.

Mechaminds VRC

The first VEX robotics team in Hisar School was Mechaminds. Established as a 'Girl Powered' team, and consisting of mostly ninth-grade students, accompanied by students from Hisar Ravens as mentors, Mechaminds competed in and hosted several competitions. The team is often credited with the establishment and growth of the VEX community in Turkey due to the extensive work Mechaminds members did in order to help other teams join the competition. In Mecaminds and Okyanus Koleji teamed up to host the VEX IQ competition where Mechaminds members volunteered in many positions such as referee, social zone moderator, field reset, and many others. Team members also helped train other volunteers for these positions. In February 2018, Mechaminds competed in its first competition in Morecambe, UK, (during the 'In the Zone' season) and was awarded the design award. Quickly after their return was the Turkey Championships, which took place in Zorlu PSM, Istanbul, in which Mechaminds was granted the Service Award. 

Beginning of Hisar Mechatronics

After our first year of the VEX Robotics experience with the competition In the Zone, our family started to grow rapidly. On September 10th our two other teams Techno Tigers and Hemlock were established. Our club name became Hisar Mechatronics In addition to organizing Turning Point’s first Off-Season Competition in Turkey, our teams attended Stowe, and Fortismere Tournaments in England , in February 2019. In March 2019, all Hisar Mechatronics teams attended the Turkey Finals, and Techno Tigers and Mechaminds became the Turkey Champions as an alliance. By winning the Excellence Award, Techno Tigers managed to become the first VRC team from Turkey to go to VEX Worlds.

Continued Our Success

 All of the teams from last year continued working on VEX. Even though there were some differences in the team members, Techno Tigers, Mechaminds, and Hemlock continued to compete in VRC Tournaments. In October 2019, Hestia was established. All four teams  earned the chance to attend the Turkey Finals in the Tower Takeover Season.

Growing Our Family


In the VRC Change Up season, all of the previous teams went through changes. From the most experienced members of all four teams, Hisar All-Star was established in April 2020. In August 2020, Decabots and Nova were established. Even though there haven’t been any tournaments this season due to the pandemic, the three teams continue to work on their robots and prepare for the VRC tournaments.

An engineering society

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