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As students who aren't actually in a school that specializes in mechanics, we create opportunities for ourselves.

Hisar Mechatronics is a union of 4 teams, formed in September 2018 with the support of the Hisar School science department and in the mentorship of our team mentor Utku Öztekin. After achieving many great accomplishments as team Ravens, under the name of Hisar Robotics, the establishment decided to change its name into Hisar Mechatronics. Our mission is to inspire and enlighten students, youth and adults who are interested in robotics, coding, and 3D design areas.

OUR school

since 1996

Hisar School was established in 1996 by the Hisar Education Foundation as a part of the mission to raise academic standards in Turkey. By combining the 21st Century curriculum with innovative and progressive learning, Hisar School is committed to discovering and developing the true potential of students.

about our mentor


Our mentor, Utku Öztekin, graduated from Boğaziçi University with an undergraduate degree in physics education in 2013 and later completed his graduate study in 2019. He has been teaching at Hisar School since 2013. In addition to teaching physics, he works on STEM Education. Since 2013, our mentor has been teaching robotics and fundamentals of engineering to his students. He founded Hisar Robotics, and later Hisar Mechatronics. He helps students who want to advance in engineering and robotics and teaches them about these areas by participating in different competitions. In 2016, he formed the team “Hisar Ravens” which is known as the one and only FRC World Champion Rookie All Star winner from Turkey. Today we continue our studies and keep advancing on STEM areas thanks to his guidance in Hisar Mechatronics. 

His professional interests are teacher collaboration, professional learning communities in education, educational technologies, and physics based engineering education for 9th to 12th grade students. In addition to his professional interest, some of his hobbies include playing the piano and guitar, and taking photographs.


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An idea + enthusiasm

As Hisar Mechatronics grew and more students joined, we decided to branch out into all kinds of projects, besides robotics. Anyone who wants to join Hisar Mechatronics can become a member of any of the current teams or establish another team. We welcome anyone who wants to be a part of our family. However, students need to be keen on working in order to achieve their goals and create what they desire. To keep up with the growing interest to our teams, we came up with a system to determine how new teams will be formed: anyone is welcome to join the club but members who don’t participate are eliminated via “natural selection”. No one is kicked out, however, members who do not attend and contribute to our regular studies will take less responsibility day by day, and unfortunately they naturally drift away in time. Participation and contribution are important factors of being in a team. They prevent our peers from wasting the time, efforts and resources of members who are part of our teams. Our atelier and the innovation center are perfect environments in which students can improve their ideas and develop their projects.

An engineering society