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Our Goal

As Hisar Mechatronics, our main goals have always been to spread our knowledge and experiences with others, and draw more attention to STEM projects in our country. In Turkey, VEX is still in a development stage, and as being the establishment who brought VEX Robotics to our country, we have been constantly working on improving the competition and informing more people about it. 

Istanbul's First VEX IQC Competition - 13 January 2018

Since one of our biggest goals is to spread VEX around our country, on 13 January 2018 we organized the first VEX IQC robotics competition in Istanbul. This took place in Okyanus Koleji where 48 middle school teams participated and got the chance to compete in the VEX IQ Challenge. Additionally, throughout this tournament which we established with the help of Okyanus Koleji students, we voluntarily trained the competing teams and educated them about the values of VEX. 

Courses and Trial Matches at Vizyon Koleji - 17 February 2018

At the event organized in Vizyon Koleji on 17 February 2018, we taught courses on the Engineering Design Process, electronics, and mechanics, as well as organizing trial matches. This event was a preliminary tournament that was held before the 2018 final competition, therefore it provided a great opportunity for the teams to get to know each other and better understand the game. The participating teams had the opportunity to observe different robots and strategies, and were able to develop themselves for the final competition.

VRC Turkey Championship at Zorlu PSM - 24 February 2018

As Hisar Mechatronics, on February 24th, 2018, we organized the VRC Turkey Championship at Zorlu PSM. While some members of our team competed, others worked as volunteers. As a result of our hard work, we were able to sustain an efficient and beneficial tournament for everyone who participated.

Özyeğin University Summer School - June 2018

In June 2018, students from schools with limited opportunities and resources in Turkey were given free lectures and training in mechanics, electronics and programming at Özyeğin University. As Hisar Mechatronics, we volunteered in this summer school program. 500 students, 300 from schools in need, and others coming from Istanbul participated in this organization. During this 3 day period, all members of our team volunteered in the courses and at the end of the program, a VEX EDR set was given as a gift to every school that took part in this organization.

VEX Turning Point Off-Season - 17-18 November 2018

On 17-18 November 2018, we organized a VEX Turning Point off-Season Competition at Hisar School. In this two-day tournament, in addition to the matches, we also gave seminars on the Engineering Design Process and programming. Both students and teachers had the opportunity to participate in these seminars, thus, we were able to convey our knowledge and experience to the teams participating from different areas of Turkey. Mentors and volunteers also received a short training in order to make sure that the organization ran smoothly and properly. We were able to introduce people to VEX and provide information and opportunities regarding this area. 

Tower Takeover Lectures - 2 November 2019

On November 2nd, 2019, we gave lectures about the rules and important elements of the Tower Takeover season, to other teams in Turkey. The aim of these lectures was to transfer our knowledge and experiences to all interested teams, in order to have a more beneficial and efficient season. We also helped new teams to better understand how the competition works. Considering that one of our main goals as Hisar Mechatronics has always been to improve VEX in Turkey, this was a very crucial event for VEX Turkey.

Referee Educations - 9 November 2019

With the help of our mentor, we gave referee educations on 9 November 2019. The purpose of this was to help new volunteers to learn the concept of a VEX Robotics Competition, and allow the upcoming season to be as convenient as possible. We trained 15 referees in this event, and in addition to educating them about the new game rules, we reflected our previous VEX Competition experiences to them.

Establishing and Mentoring a New Team - November 2019 - March 2020

Throughout our journey, VEX has taught us a lot of things and we wanted to share these experiences with others too. In our country, the STEM education is not too advanced and many schools do not have the resources and opportunities to work or study on these topics interactively. Therefore, we wanted to make a change and try to support other students in our country who are not able to get an advanced STEM education, with a chance to work on VEX just like us. We decided to directly help a team compete in VRC tournaments. Therefore with the help of a voluntary organization called  “Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği”, we formed a team out of 7 students from 7 different high-schools who didn’t have the resources and opportunities to compete in VRC tournaments. We mentored them with the knowledge and experience we have gained over previous years. As the organizations’ main focus is to support the education of students from low-income families, the team “Revolution” was formed with boys and girls, who haven’t even touched a robot, let alone build one. This was an extremely beneficial experience for everyone, and the team Revolution even managed to win a Tournament Champion award. 

VEX IQ Educations - 2018-2020

After organizing Turkey’s first VEX IQ Competition, VEX IQC has always been a point of interest for Hisar Mechatronics. In addition to many highschool teams who worked on VRC, middle school students have been getting educated on VEX IQ by Hisar Academy since 2018. These lectures were given every weekend, and they were extremely important for us since these middle school students are going to play critical roles for the future of VEX Turkey. Every year, middle school students learned how to build and program VEX IQ robots. They also had the chance to observe and understand how VEX VRC works with the help of our high school teams.

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